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Getting Personal in Pursuit of Zero Harm

June 22, 2017

National Safety Month helps raise awareness of what it takes to keep each other safe. At Newmont, our focus on safety is year round, and thanks to the dedication of all our employees, we continue our work to manage the risks associated with hazards on the job so that everyone can return home safe at the end of each day.

Fostering a safe workplace culture requires an environment where people feel empowered to work only when it is safe, to stop work when they feel at risk, to approach others and to speak up when they see hazards or at-risk actions.

Newmont’s Safety Journey engages employees, contractors and visitors at all levels to improve their own safety attitudes, behaviors an beliefs.

In 2016, we continued to measure our health and safety performance by leading regular safety interactions at all our operations. These sessions offer employees an opportunity to share their personal experiences with workplace hazards and help to reinforce a culture where employees are looking out not only for their own safety, but for the safety of one another.

In addition to these safety interactions, each operation conducts engagements that best fit the site’s culture, with some sites developing more formal approaches, such as the employee-led Vital Behaviors teams at our Carlin operations in Nevada. More recently, the team gathered for a full-day safety workshop where leaders offered their personal motivations for staying safe:

We strive to deliver on measurable objectives and targets that drive the continuous improvements necessary in our pursuit of an injury-free and occupational illness-free workplace.

Whether through personal safety plans, safety shares, safety interactions, vital behaviors or leadership coaching, we seek to empower employees to take their health and safety seriously. Eliminating fatalities and sustaining best-in-class safety performance is a journey that requires an unrelenting and personal commitment to continuous improvement.

Next week, we will close out our safety month series by focusing on the role that senior leadership can play in fostering an effective safety culture and how teams in Australia employ mentorship to promote safer behaviors.

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